Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Tanzania was such an inspiring organisation as they work with a tribal people group called the Maasai.  We had the privilege of visiting schools in rural areas and running some games (well… attempting to anyway).  

I have been investigating different school systems and checking out a variety of schools so far, which has been really insightful. 

We made friends with a family from Norway, who were also visiting YWAM Arusha. They invited us to visit them in Norway;  stay tuned for that!

In YWAM Kilimanjaro, we felt such a strong sense of community and welcome. I had about 5 people invite me to move there and start working, which was actually kind of tempting. We also made friends with some Americans on outreach and had fun tagging along with some of their ministries. So I have had a great introduction to YWAM. 

Oh, and Mt Kilimanjaro is stunning. 

Massai village
Games at the school with the Norwegians
Walking to the village
Mt Meru (3rd tallest) with Ingrid and Tuva
Up at dawn to try to catch a glimpse of the mountain
Maasai village
Mt Kilimenjaro
“I bless the rains down in Aaaafricaaaa”


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